Sell Your Website

Sell Your Website

We know that selling something that you've invested all of your time, money, and hard work into isn't easy. We also understand all of the reasons for wanting to sell your beloved website. Don't have enough time to work on the project anymore? Have too many projects and need to sell one to collect money for another project? The love or interest in the project just isn't what it used to be? If any of these reasons sound like you, then you must list your website for sale on today! Not only will we free up your schedule, we will also get some cash in your pocket to make you happy!




Built By Sellers For Sellers was developed by a group of buyers and sellers who wanted to create a marketplace where our buyers and sellers could make suggestions to make this marketplace #1 for buying and selling online today. Without our customers we will never make it to this goal. This is where you can help. Do you have a suggestion of a feature you would like to see on Don't like something about the site? Send us a comment. We have a group of talented designers and programmers who are always looking to make the best user experience possible. We'd love to say thank you to our customers, without you there wouldn't be us.

How to Sell Your Website on Flipping Hut

We make it easy to put your site up for sale

Tell us your website's URL and we then walk you through the website listing process and ask you for the key information that website buyers are looking for.

The public auction format

Our auctions help you find the buyers who are interested in buying your quality site:

  • Run your auction for up to 30 days
  • Set a starting price for your bidding - start low to drive interest
  • Set the reserve price at the lowest price you could possibly accept
  • You have the option of manually accepting bids, giving you time to talk to bidders to gain confidence in their professionalism
  • Have confidence that you're protected by Flipping Hut's comprehensive anti-fraud systems
  • Perhaps use a Buy It Now (BIN) price, which lets you make a quick sale!

Want to keep it confidential?

You might prefer to hide the identity of your site from the general public - you don't necessarily want your loyal users to know that you're considering a sale.

Flipping Hut caters for this simply and effectively. You can create a listing where the site details are only provided to bidders who've signed an NDA. Keep in mind that hiding all this information definitely makes it harder to attract buyers, so only do this if you really need it.

Want to slow it down?

If a quick-fire website auction seems too daunting, you might want to consider a longer private sale. This lets you receive offers one at a time, and consider each separately. But, as it removes the competitive aspect, it doesn't always get results as good as those for an auction.

How Much Does It Cost? $9.99 + 2.5% Success Fee

We are currently offering an opening promotion of completely FREE Success Fee! Hurry and signup now becuase this offer will not last forever! After the offer is over we will be charging 2.5% Success Fee as well as the $9.99 listing charge.


Sign up now to list your site or buy a site today! Just enter your site above to get started!

Thinking of Selling Your Website?

Is it for one of these good reasons?

  • "I don't have time to maintain it anymore"
  • "I need the money for another project I'm starting"
  • "I've lost the love…"