How it Works

5 Easy Steps.

Step 1.  Sign up for an account it's FREE!
Step 2.  Fill in your site details. (Auction Length, Income, URL etc.)
Step 3. Place a small text file on your site to verify ownership
Step 4. List Site and upon completion Declare a winner.
Step 5. Both the Buyer and Seller Proceed Transaction Securely though our intergrated API. 

So you're wondering what the whole process is of buying and selling websites eh? Lets break it down for you here

in lamons terms. A Seller puts their website up for auction. There are 3 prices, Buy it now, Reserve, and Starting Bid. Buy it now price is the price the user would offer the site for sale. If you choose to pay this price you can outright own the website. The reserve price is the lowest price the seller would offer to except the website as a sale. The Starting Bid price is the Starting price for the Auction. It is suggested you put this price lower to attract more bidders. Once a auction meets the Reserve Price or a Buy it now Price and the Seller and Buyer are both happy of the terms, the seller will declare a winner of the Auction. Once the winner is declared the auction will continue checkout via our secure 3rd party platform partner The Buyer and Seller will have 5-7 days to inspect the merchandise and ensure everything went as planned. Once the Seller signs over the rights of the site will release the funds. Once 5-7 days inspection have passed the money on for the Sale will be released to the Seller.




#1 Most Affordable for Website Auctions

So what makes us different from other Auction websites? Well first of all we keep our fees low. For the first 1,000 registered users we are offering completely FREE listings! This means you will not be charged a penny to use our services! We will place free credits in your account and you will get to sell your site all on our dime! This is a thank you for being one of our first members! Another thing we want to do is offer our users continuous improvements. We have hired full time programmers and we want the users to suggest on what kind of improvements in the site they would like to see. We will then implement these improvements so that we can make our community better for everyone.

We Want Your Experience to be Secure

Verified Phone Number System

We have a built in phone verification system to ensure user's identity to help protect both the buyers and sellers.

Secure 3rd Party Platform

We are fully integrated with to offer your transaction the most secure and safest environment for both the Buyers and Sellers Protection.

Feedback Rating System

We have created a user feedback system allowing users to post negative and positive feedback of users. We plan on integrating our system with eBay's user feedback system to allow new users to port over their feedback scores.

Secure SSL provided platform

We ensure all interactions on our site are encrypted with SSL to keep transactions secure and safe.

Cheapest Fees Around!

We want to maximize your ROI. We are offering the cheapest fees around. Right now for the first 1,000 registered users we will waive all success fees! That's right all success fees waived! Normally we charge $9.99 Per listing and a 2.5% Success Fee upon successful completion of a sale.

  Make Money Selling Your Site!

Is it for one of these good reasons?

  • "I don't have time to maintain it anymore"
  • "I need the money for another project I'm starting"
  • "I've lost the love…"