Creating a website is a lot of work. Not only do you have to think of the layout, you have to have the skills in HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript to implement them. Having graphic skills such as Photoshop is also another requirement.

This is where comes in. You not longer need these required skills. You can buy an established website or even a turnkey website that is set up and ready for you to turn it around for some serious cash! This is a Win-Win-Win Situation. Everyone Wins! The Seller, the Buyer and yes even! If you're not making money, then we aren't making money. Our Moto is to provide a community for the buyers and sellers, by the buyers and sellers.


Have any expertise in SEO or Marketing? Well then FlippingHut is your domain for profit! Most website owners don't understand that Marketing is the hugest part of website profit. If you have the ability to take a good website that hasn't been properly set up for SEO and Marketing, you can make 4-5 times what you paid for it!



The Art of Flipping

What is Flipping? Well if you haven't heard, it's when you buy something, fix it up or let it's value accumulate, and then resell it for profit! Yes folks there are people out there who do this for a living! Sometimes you can purchase a site for a few hundred or thousand dollars and within a year make almost 10-20 times what your initial investment was! Lets get real folks the internet is where all of the business is at these days. Why not have your cut of the large internet pie of millions and billion dollars of revenue earned each year online?

Thinking of Selling Your Website?

Is it for one of these good reasons?

  • "I don't have time to maintain it anymore"
  • "I need the money for another project I'm starting"
  • "I've lost the love…"